pasan cosas extraordinarias que no todos llegan a comprender... y es que solo las grandes mentes piensan igual :)
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The Epic Bundle: 32GB of New Templates for 5 days almost free.

What can be more epic that a  bunch of vectors, fonts, templates, brushes, presets and themes that will make your hard drive crash. Oh wait I know what’s more epic: To get it for almost free!.

This time you can get a big package of all this resources from $49 for only 5 days. This is the long list of what you can get:

  • 585 Vector Packs worth $7,570
  • 1,425 Vector Illustrations worth $5,700
  • 108 Brushes Packs worth $1,101
  • 133 Photoshop & Illustrator Addons worth $1,396
  • 80 T-shirt Designs worth $1,200
  • 117 High-Res Texture Packs worth $1,444
  • 60 Premium Fonts worth $115
  • 20 Premium Tutorials worth $257
  • 114 Web & Print Resources Packs worth $1,265 

That makes a total of 2,642 elements, that’s about $0.03 cents for every pack of element. You really need to check it, the amount of highquality resources is really impressive, in just one project you can return the cost of your investment on this deal.

If I have to say something bad about this deals is: that isn’t forever. The inkydeals website says we only  have 5 days left, before this deal is over. 

Check all the stuff included here:

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Typography ambigrams 3

This is the last edition of our ambigrams, that we found on the research for interesting typography works. turning the words around 180° you can read the same word again. The meaning stays the same and the effect can be used on business cards, as well as on poster designs. Enjoy them!

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